You can't buy it.

the Equinox Gold Membership was dreamt up as a way to challenge New Yorkers to extreme tests of physical and mental toughness. One year of the best of everything the club has to offer – from personal training to massages to exclusives from THe Shop, and more. The catch? You can't buy it, it has to be earned.

We dropped five of them around New York in spots that are nearly impossible to reach, inviting anyone to prove their athleticism by diving, digging, rising, jumping, and pulling for gold. 

Most failed (even NPH). But an elite few were handsomely rewarded for their blood, sweat, and tears with a membership package like no other. 

The campaign drew so much attention, not only from New Yorkers, but fitizens across the country, that its second year will bring Goldrush Challenges to SF and LA in addition to the Big apple. 

Press: NY Post / NY Racked / Well+Good / Fox Business

Role: Creative (CW)