what would you do?

To truly bring Heineken's adventurous spirit to life, we had to bring Heineken's adventurous spirit to the airport. 

For two days at JFK's Terminal 8, we offered busy travelers the chance of a lifetime – to drop whatever existing plans they had, and immediately board the next flight to a new, more exotic destination. Then, and only then, would they find out what that destination would be. 

Press: Mashable / Adweek / Creativity

Awards: ACIP - Winner - Experimental / Clio - Shortlist / Effie - Finalist / One Show - Merit - Online Film & Video / Webby - Honoree - Viral Marketing / Creativity - Best of Interactive & Integrated 2013 (#8)

Role: Social Creative / social strategy / COMMUNITY MANAGEMENT / Production Assistant / creeping people out at the airport 



during the viral success of THE FIRST departure roulette, we noticed something. most people claimed the decision was a no-brainer. "of course you take that opportunity." "of course you push the button." "of course, of course, of course." 

so, of course, we found those people and showed up to make them put their money where their mouths...uh...were. their online twitter mouths (of course).

press: creativity / adweek

awards: acip - shortlist - social / acip - shortlist - experimental / cannes - shortlist - cyber / cannes - shortlist - media / cannes - shortlist - direct / one show - merit - social media & viral marketing / webby - nomination - online guerilla & innovation

role: social creative / social strategy / community management / stalking people online